Who AM I

I’m Prabodha Lakshan, an Artist manager, Social media strategist, Author, and YouTube certified content provider based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

I’m often identified as one of the youngest social-media consultants as I’m already successfully managing the social profiles (including digital media rights management over streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming platforms) of some of the Sri Lankan artists.

As an experienced social media consultant, I have been able to gain considerable growth in the target audience of the artists’ profiles and various other content creators through social media for the past three years.

My expertise is not limited to social media but spreads beyond other fields as I’m the youngest author (and a co-editor) currently writing to TechNews.LK, an award-winning news platform in Sri Lanka.

  • Certificates

  • 2022 - Facebook for Journalists Certificate
  • 2021 - Introduction to Digital Journalism - Reuters digital journalism
  • 2020 - YouTube Music Certification - Google - assed the YouTube Music Certification exam and is a certified lobbyist.
  • 2020 - YouTube Music Rights Management - Google - Passed the Google Music Rights Management exam conducted by Google and has a lot of experience in digital media copyright management.
  • 2020 - YouTube creative essentials - Google - Has completed the exam at YouTube creative essentials and obtained certificates.
  • 2019 - YouTube Content Ownership - Google - Passed the YouTube Content Ownership Examination offered by Google and is certified.
  • 2018 - Information & Communication Technology - IBCS - Passed the Information & Communication Technology Course conducted by IBCS


Social X

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder
2019 - Present


Senior Editor
2019 - Present

Hedra Solutions

Trainee Technical Assistant
2017 - 2019


Social media analyst and YouTube channel Manager
2018 - 2020


Director Artist and Label Partnerships

Kevin Smokio

Digital Media Manager
2021 - 2022

Sanka Dineth

Digital Media Manager
2022 - Present

Travel With Wife

Digital Media Manager
2022 - Present


Digital Media Manager
2022 - Present

Yuki Navaratne

Digital Media Manager
2022 - Present

What I Do

I manage a digital media consulting firm. It places a premium on analytics, assessing how each organization can better organize and utilize its existing data. I works with well-known brand around the world to get solution for digital media issues.


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